Friday, August 31, 2007

Box Office Prediction: 8/31/07

Movie: Halloween
Prediction: $16 million

Movie: Superbad
Prediction: $10.5 million

Movie: Bourne 3
Prediction: $8 million

Movie: Rush Hour 3
Prediction: $7 million

Movie: Death Sentence
Prediction: $6.5 million

Movie: Bean
Prediction: $5 million

Movie: WAR
Prediction: $4.5 million

*Every Friday and Monday Apples and Moustaches predicts and publishes box office returns. Jericho Royall bases all of his predictions on his lifelong fascination with bad movies and stupid people and how the combination of the two directly affects the weekly box office. Apples and Moustaches Box Office Report, (aka AMBOR): Because it’s pretty incredible how much the bottom line is affected by people who can’t spell the bottom line.


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