Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Box Office Results: 8/24/07

Movie: Superbad
Prediction: $20.5 million
Actual: $18 million (rank: 1)

Hmmm…I predicted a 38% drop, it dropped 45%. Is Judd Apatow bathing in money, walking around in pajamas made of money or using money to sort his money?

Movie: WAR
Prediction: $16 million
Actual: $10 million (rank: 5)

This was a classic “who the fuck knows?” movie. Jet Li and Jason Statham were in a movie a few years ago that opened with 19, I figured it’d be close to that. Who cares about this movie anyway?

Movie: Bourne 3
Prediction: $12 million
Actual: $12.5 million (rank: 2)

Hope everyone has seen this, it’s fucking awesome. With $185 million and counting, anyone want to take bets that they come back and make a fourth? Matt Damon has been adamant about not making another one, but that $40 million payday will look pretty nice on paper in three years.

Movie: Rush Hour 3
Prediction: $11 million
Actual: $12 million (rank: 3)


Movie: Nanny Diaries
Prediction: $10 million
Actual: $7.5 million (rank: 6)

Whatever part 2. What’s the demographic for this movie?

Movie: Mr. Bean’s Holiday
Prediction: $8.5 million
Actual: $10 million (rank: 4)


Movie: Resurrecting the Champ
Prediction: $8 million
Actual: -1 million (rank: 15! 15!)

No, that’s not a typo. This movie actually did so poorly that the studio handed out money to apologize.

Movie: Simpsons
Prediction: N/A
Actual: $4.3 million (rank: 7)

*Every Friday and Monday Apples and Moustaches predicts and publishes box office returns. Jericho Royall bases all of his predictions on his lifelong fascination with bad movies and stupid people and how the combination of the two directly affects the weekly box office. Apples and Moustaches Box Office Report, (aka AMBOR): Because it’s pretty incredible how much the bottom line is affected by people who can’t spell the bottom line.

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