Monday, August 20, 2007

Box Office Results: 8/17/07

Movie: Rush Hour 3
Prediction: $24.5 million
Actual: $21 million

57% drop, I predicted something more in the 48% range, but still pretty close.

Movie: Superbad
Prediction: $21 million
Actual: $33 million

Wow! Hype is a difficult thing to quantify sometimes, $21 would have been a great opening for a $20 million dollar movie, instead it blows past that and posts a bigger opening weekend than Knocked Up. Incredible.

Movie: Bourne 3
Prediction: $16.5 million
Actual: $20 million

Again I predicted a much bigger drop then what actually happened. This is gearing up to be one of the bigger hits of the summer.

Movie: Invasion
Prediction: $11 million
Actual: $6 million

Here’s a sentence you never want to read when tracking your box office predictions, “Originally scheduled for release a year ago…” Yikes.

Movie: The Last Legion
Prediction: $7 million
Actual: $3 million

I went against my oldest rule of the book on this one, which is: never trust a movie you’ve never heard of. I honestly had never heard one word about this movie when I was doing my research but stupidly talked myself into it. “Colin Firth, Anthony Hopkins, Ben Kingsley, 2000 screens, that’s worth $7 million right?” Nope.

Movie: Simpsons
Prediction: $6 million
Actual: $ 7 million

Movie: Stardust
Prediction: $4.5 million
Actual: $5.5 million

*Every Friday and Monday Apples and Moustaches predicts and publishes box office returns. Jericho Royall bases all of his predictions on his lifelong fascination with bad movies and stupid people and how the combination of the two directly affects the weekly box office. Apples and Moustaches Box Office Report, (aka AMBOR): Because it’s pretty incredible how much the bottom line is affected by people who can’t spell the bottom line.

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