Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Box Office Results: 8/31/07

Movie: Halloween
Prediction: $16 million
Actual: $26 million (rank 1)

Horror movies = who fucking knows? I looked at some of the other Halloween remakes and tried to average everything out, instead if blows past that and posts the biggest Labor Day Weekend in history.

Movie: Superbad
Prediction: $10.5 million
Actual: $12.5 million (rank 2)

About right.

Movie: Bourne 3
Prediction: $8 million
Actual: $10 million (rank 4)

Welcome to the $200 million club. Mr. Bourne.

Movie: Rush Hour 3
Prediction: $7 million
Actual: $8.5 million (rank 5)

You know, lots of talk about this movie being a flop when it opened due to a big budget ($140 million) and bloated expectations (part 2 made $350 million worldwide), but this movie is still cruising right along with $160 million worldwide – not saying this is a huge hit, but very good chance it makes money.

Movie: Death Sentence
Prediction: $6.5 million
Actual: $4.2 million (rank 8)

Another movie that’s tough to call. Ready for a new box office term? “The Kevin Bacon.” The Kevin Bacon is a movie that is headlined by a career supporting actor. The KB is tough to predict b/c there really isn’t any precedent to use, you can’t use their life time box office numbers b/c those are associated with the stars / directors of the other films, so you guess. In this case I guessed a few million higher than I should have; although it did gave birth to a new term and that’s always a good thing.

Movie: Bean
Prediction: $5 million
Actual: $6 million (rank 6)

Who cares.

Movie: WAR
Prediction: $4.5 million
Actual: $4.1 million (rank 9)

WAR, what’s it good for? Absolutely nothing, say it again.

Movie: Balls of Fury
Prediction: N/A
Actual: $11 million (rank 3)

I ignored this movie on purpose.

Movie: Nanny Diaries
Prediction: N/A
Actual: $5 million (rank 7)

Another movie that is begging to be remade as NC-17? Can we please get Scarlett a coke problem or something? Time to let the big dogs out to play!

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