Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Box Office Results: 9/14/07

Movie: Mr. Woodcock
Prediction: $10 million
Actual: $8.7 million (rank #3)

Honestly how funny is the premise of this movie and how dumb do the trailers look? This should have been the first movie to not have a trailer, just advertise with a poster that lists the plot and the cast and that’s it. I like everyone in this movie and have absolutely no plans to see it.

Movie: 3:10 to Yuma
Prediction: $9 million
Actual: $9 million (rank #2)

Anyone seen this? Any good? Did you see that Russell Crowe gave a speech to the Michigan football team before they played Notre Dame? How weird is that? I wonder what character he was when he gave the speech? Did Bud White try to convince the squad that Notre Dame was a bunch of wife beaters? Did he stick a pillow under his shirt and have Jeffrey Wigand pretend that Notre Dame was poisoning the world with their cigarettes, called Jesattes? Or (hopefully) did he throw on the John Nash makeup and scribble plays on the window all while muttering incoherently to himself about a little girl? One can only hope…

Movie: The Brave One
Prediction: $8.5 million
Actual: $13.5 million (rank# 1)

Well, after her last three movies we now know that lesbians like to see Jodie trapped in a small room (Panic Room), going bat shit on a plane (Flight Plan), and tracking down bank robbers (Inside Man). After a pretty solid opening for this movie, we know lesbians like to see Jodie get revenge too. Cool.

Movie: Superbad
Prediction: $5 million
Actual: $5.1 million (rank# 4)

$111 million and counting, I’m not even mad, that’s amazing. How did you do that?

Movie: Halloween
Prediction: $4.5 million
Actual: $4.8 million (rank# 6)


Movie: Bourne 3
Prediction: $3.5 million
Actual: $4 million (rank# 7)

Keep’s on trucking.

Movie: Dragon Wars
Prediction: $3 million
Actual: $5 million (rank # 5)

Who cares?

*Every Friday and Monday Apples and Moustaches predicts and publishes box office returns. Jericho Royall bases all of his predictions on his lifelong fascination with bad movies and stupid people and how the combination of the two directly affects the weekly box office. Apples and Moustaches Box Office Report, (aka AMBOR): Because it’s pretty incredible how much the bottom line is affected by people who can’t spell the bottom line.

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