Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Underrated Day 3: Music

Underrated Band: Blind Melon

Ready for bold statement #1? Blind Melon’s self-titled album is one of the best rock records of the last 25 years. Falsely labeled a “grunge pop” group after “No Rain,” millions of people bought the album hoping for 13 No Rains and were turned off by Blind Melon’s bluesy take on alternative rock. Listen to the record again and you’ll hear a little Alice in Chains, a little David Bowie, even a little White Stripes in the playful vocals about serious topics. Take No Rain off the playlist and then turn this up real, real loud, a total bad fucking ass record.

Underrated Shredder: Mike McCready, Pearl Jam

This won’t be news to die hard PJ fans, we’ve been getting our heads blown off by McCready for years, but for casual fans, PJ starts and stops with Eddie V. This isn’t a bad thing, mind you, after all, Eddie is a legend, but the incredible, mind—altering guitar playing of McCready is often overlooked. Let me guess, you’re favorite PJ song is Yellow Ledbetter right? That’s what I thought, now watch this and tell me that McCready just didn’t get you pregnant?

Underrated Drummer: Meg White, The White Stripes

She gets a ton of shit for being the weak link in the greatest band of our generation…The White Stripes. We're not going to disagree with that statement. Jack White is in fact a God amongst us mere mortals. What is over looked however is what a solid drummer Meg has turned out to be. Sure, she's not creating a new way of music like Carter Beauford or moving faster than the speed of light like Tyler Barker, but she hits that drum harder than anyone I've ever seen before. The White Stripes and everything that comes with them; the energy, the sexual tension, the guttural innovation…it's nothing without Meg White. And the whole time she's playing she's trying to balance those massive jugs. Hats off to you, Meg White.

Underrated Rock Concert Video Trick: The set up shot

When they film the entire set up, the crew putting everything together, the crowd starting to filter in, etc, and then play the whole thing in fast forward, don’t you love that? Me too.

Underrated Rock Star Moves: Freddie Mercury, Queen

I honestly could write a whole post about how underrated and ahead of their time Queen was, but I’ll keep it focused on Freddie and his unreal Rock Star Moves. Leg kicks, eyes closed fist pumps, theatrical costumes, asking the crowd to sing with him you name a move and Freddie had it in his arsenal. Watch this video for proof - I mean, he’s like a gay Puma prancing around the stage. And yes, you’re seeing that correctly, that is a cape. Who got more ass (literally) than Freddie Mercury?

Underrated Songwriter: Bruce Springsteen

Okay, okay, The Boss probably doesn’t belong on any underrated list; he’s a living legend and very properly rated in pretty much every category. However, I think the Boss is known more for his band, his live shows and his general swagger and Americana and doesn’t get enough credit for being one of the most brilliant songwriters of all time, belonging in the same category as Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Paul and John and all the rest of the geniuses. The power, creativity and intelligence behind his songs get lost b/c his lyrics are so subtle and simple. Listen to the Rising, a cry for help after 9/11, Nebraska, a testament to family and being brothers, even his latest album Magic, were he discreetly tells W to go fuck himself for a solid hour. He's properly rated everywhere else except here.

Underrated Party Music: Nada Surf

Beats are good enough to serve as background music, lyrics are mellow enough to tune out, songs are good enough to turn up real loud and get real drunk.

Underrated Sex Music: Air

Kinda weird, but soothing and ethereal, maybe it’s just me, but I think sex music needs to be very basic, music that can fit any type of mood. You don’t want to let the music dictate your dick, you can’t rail to Jack Johnson and you can’t get smooth to Radiohead, you need something that could go either way, and I’ve found Air works perfectly.

Underrated Band to Make Fun of Someone for Liking: Counting Crows

Is it just me or does Adam Duritz get gayer by the nanosecond? He’s like the set up shot, fast forward thing I mentioned above except there’s no fast forward. His gayness actually increases at that rate.

Underrated Question to Ask Someone Right When You Meet Them: What was the first concert you ever went to?

This usually sets the standard for the rest of their life. My first concert? Boyz 2 Men, I think that sums it up pretty nicely, doesn’t it?


Skeet said...


spot on...

Audra and Kendall pass me things from time to time but I had to comment.

Hope to see you at the Indipendent on the 4th of April rocking out with the band with the new singer...who kicks ass by the way...

If you want any recordings, the new record, etc., let me know...I've got just about every BM recording there is...



Magglio said...

My first concert: NKOTB

now does it make sense?

Casey Lewis said...
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Anonymous said...

First concert.....Aerosmith. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. 2nd concert-Montell Jordan (aka. this is how we do it). Maybe it was a sign that no one would make eye contact at that show.

Anonymous said...

My first concert was with Magglio --- NKOTB. But that was one we were dragged to by our mom. Magglio, give yourself a little credit that your SECOND concert (and mine) was fucking U2 in France. That's pretty damn sweet.

Anonymous said...

First concert attended as an adult-y person? Sting's Soul Cages tour. 1991.

First concert ever? Bob from Sesame Street Sings. 1982.

BTW - if you haven't already done so, check out "Band Aid" - the live DVD. Mercury steals the show.

Anonymous said...

First concert was Localpalooza 1996 w/ Rustic Overtones, Thanks to Gravity, Heavens to Murgatroid, et al. All local Maine/NH bands. First "big ticket" act was DMB on the Crash tour. Sat in the second row w/ a cigarette pack full of joints and puffed all night.

Yes, DMB shows used to be very fucking cool. Now you just get puked on by teeny bopper 15 year olds who drank too much everclear in the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

I fucking love the person that admitted their first concert was sesame street sings. That's so tough.

Anonymous said...

I was 8! it was fucking rad, too.