Friday, March 14, 2008

Imagine me and you, and you and me

Ok. I don’t want to sound like a complete pussy but having this blog has provided us with the opportunity to “meet” people in this world that we would have never met otherwise. Like the dudes at TellHimFred or the perverts at YourImmoralCompass, for instance. I like reading these guys posts and seeing what they’re up to on their side of the earth. So, I’ve been on a 3-day hunt to try and find some more cool blogs out there. Blogs that are relatively small, have good writing, are funny, engaging and post about similar topics we do. Blog friends, if you will. Well let me tell you something. 99.9% of blogs out there blow. I’m telling you they are fucking garbage. Try it; click the ‘next blog’ button at the top of this page. It randomly serves up another blog from the blogger platform. Let me save you the trouble, here is what you’ll find:

a) a blog about something completely stupid, like girl things or decoration or baby animals or photos of somebody’s back yard.

b) a blog that does nothing but talk about themselves. What they ate for breakfast, how many bad dates they’ve been on, how when they see butterflies it makes them think of Jesus, that sort of thing

c) a blog about a family. Usually written by a mom it has endless pictures of kids getting themselves into trouble and there are ZERO swear words. How the fuck am I supposed to read that?

d) a blog in another language…BORING

e) a blog read by tens of thousands of people that is so far removed from their readers and the comment section gets hundreds of brain dead responses its like people want to just suck off the author as much as possible. (Not like our blog , and our incredibly intelligent self assured readers, mind you.)

So help me out here. Suggest a blog you enjoy. Here are the requirements, it has to:

1) Be funny

2) Be self-deprecating i.e. don’t take themselves too seriously

3) Be Small-ish

4) Use some fucking swear words

5) Slightly perverted

6) Really excited to learn more about Apples & Moustaches

Let’s make more blog friends, together.

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Anonymous said... is freaking hilarious, perverted and uses swear words. it's all celebrity gossip, all the time. probably too big for you guys though. sorry. that's all i got.