Monday, March 17, 2008

Battle of the Blogs

(Deep breath. You’ve done this plenty of times before. Just go with your gut. Never follow your heart. A 12 seed always beats a 5 seed, Gonzaga always chokes and 15th seed American is a real college not an online accredited school. I think.)

This is huge. Every March we plunk down all of our lunch money on office pools trying to get bragging rights as the most knowledgable/luckiest in the NCAA basketball tournament. Truth be told, after roughly 16 years of competing we’ve won a grand total of 3 tournaments. And in one pool the prize was satisfaction. (Yeah…BORING) Anyways, this year is different. We’ve been invited to join a handful of other reputable blogs in a battle royale. A royal rumble of sports authorities online. An opportunity to be crowned the ‘Champion of Blogs.’ Don’t think we’re not bringing our dancing shoes and frat shirts to this party.

Here’s the deal. We’re competing against 5 other blogs:

The Play in CA
A west coast centric blog focused specifically on sports. Not only do they have good insight into Bay Area sports teams but they also seem to have a man crush on Patrick Willis as well. But did they create this shirt on Zazzle? I think not. We did. Moving on.

The Sports Lounge
Don’t be fooled. This site is neither a lounge nor does it have lounge type furniture for lounging. It’s just a website. That covers sports. In depth. But also it’s written by a college student about to take finals. Perfect. Remember Sports Lounge your school work takes precedent over silly grown-up games. Now back to the library!

Bears Necessity
A local blog covering everything Cal sports. Little do they know of our childhood spent watching Russell White run amok against Pac-10 defenses. Plus, University of Washington (Go Dawgs) destroyed the Bears this past season in Berkeley. And Cal's biggest fan is Adam Duritz….sweet. What is it 1992?

Battle of California
A hockey blog. No seriously, hockey. Sweet. Moving on.

Gossip Sports
Written by a chick, this blog covers sports and gossip. Damn it. I wonder if she likes The Hills as much as I do. Probably not because of Heidi Montag’s luscious ta-dang-a-dangs, but still a fan none the less. And she’s from Boston. Perfect. And she’s a chick so she’ll probably get confused and pick teams like the Patriots and the Celtics. Sucker.

What’s at stake? Winner gets to post on each of the other sites for one day. Perfect. We can’t wait to drop Apples & Moustaches all over the blogosphere. Like a fiber fueled bunny after a Thanksgiving feast.

Regulators….Mount up!


u12 said...

As a writer for The Play in CA and the guy who writes most of the Patrick Willis comments I want to acknowledge your creativity but want to offer a side bet; if we win you have to send me a free t shirt haha. if you guys win the whole thing, I'll buy one and all your writers can autograph it.

Anonymous said...

who's patrick willis? you hate me now, don't you?

Anonymous said...

But . . . but the chick from Gossip On Sports has three Master's degrees!

P.S. The Celtics apparently didn't make the cut as I didn't see them in the bracket . . .
P.P.S. Yes, that last part was a joke.

Earl Sleek said...

Dudes, you'd better not lose to a hockey blog. That would be like losing to a dance contest to an inanimate object (I dunno, let's say a jar of peanut butter).

C'mon, Peanut Butter!

Magglio said...

Check out the email I just got from Zazzle:

Thank you for your interest in, and thank you for publishing products on Zazzle. Unfortunately, it appears that your product, “Patrick Willis in your ear bitch”, is in violation of Zazzle’s Copyright policies. Specifically, your product contains an image in violation of Patrick Willis rights of celebrity/publicity.

Bitches. Email us at if you want to see the shirt we created.

Anonymous said...

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