Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hold please

Apples & Moustaches will return as soon as I shake this head cold and Jericho pulls his head out of his ass. In the meantime...thoughts from my snot rag... 

Come on in the water's great:
1. The Hills return to MTV...
2. Brian Bocock and Eugenio Valez
3. Jack White
4. Stanford Basketball
5. Betting on The Bachelor...I'm taking Shayne this season.

Get the F! outta here:
1. Allergies, Head Colds, Sarah Michelle Geller
2. Chris Webber
3. Continuous chatter about the NFL draft...let's just do it already
4. Texas Basketball 
5. Taxes...uh those are due soon right?


Anonymous said...

fucking head-cold. I'm winning my fight with mine. although your head is either all stuffed up or you take sudafed and walk around all day like you just pulled a pure hash 3 foot bong rip.

Anonymous said...

The only reason I go to work is for this damn blog. The least you can do is post some pictures of hot women.

Anonymous said...

i agree with kk. being sick is no excuse for not posting, especially when you have so many tens of people who rely on your blog for their daily laughs. suck it up magglio.

oh and shayne? really? i like the girl that hiccups.

Anonymous said...

Shayne is a Lamas! Did you know that? As in, Lorenzo Lamas's daughter. She's fabulously awful. She might win, but I don't know. He actually seems not to appreciate her dramatic shenanigans, but DOES seem to appreciate her general hotness. Will be such a good season. Very exciting.

(Is this the most earnest post possible about The Bach?)

Anonymous said...

The Hills are back? Why'd they leave? Because of the writers' strike? Yeah, that sounds plausible...

In cold news, your dog has one eye and ate half your place and he still shows up with his gameface on. Sack up.