Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Our thoughts on…

LSU vs. OSU:
(in an unsteady high pitched voice) Ehhh. Entertaining? Yes. Full of future NFL players? Sure. Pointless because USC or Georgia coulda done the same thing to the Buckeyes? Absolutely. Side note: Jim Tressel is lucky he’s the coach of OSU. Any other profession and he would be mocked, beat up and tormented for his sissy little sweater vests.

Vegetarians (by Jericho only):

I feel the same way about vegetarians as I do about guys who don't like to go down on girls: good, more for me

Roger Clemens:

We're not wasting any energy on this Neanderthal. Not reading any of the articles, not watching his pathetic plea on 60 minutes, nothing. He's a cheater. He should just take it like the rest of them. Imagine if he woulda just apologized like Andy Petitie or F.P. Santangelo. Why does this asshole think he's larger than life?

Japanese gameshows:
Totally sweet. Why are they so innovative? We have Deal or No Deal and they have this?! And why are all of the contestants so unathletic. It makes it so much better. Imagine if you’re watching one of these clips and all of a sudden a super coordinated guy starts playing. I wonder if they make them like that over there.

Check this one out.
(thanks Andy)

Mike Martz, offensive coordinator of the 49ers:

We could not disagree more with this move. Alex Smith is a mobile, strong arm QB who needs to roll out, run bootlegs and make plays with his feet. Martz's offense calls for a big, lumbering, accurate QB, three things Alex Smith is not. The Niners will take a major, major step back next year, Alex Smith will get absolutely pounded and only play 6-8 games, and Nolan will be out of a job. Horrible, horrible, horrible move. How do you hire Martz with Brian Billick and Cam Cameron looking for work? Fucking insane.

The primaries:

I look at it this way. There is no way possible that a Republican will win the presidential election. None. Not a single chance in hell. Laura Bush is more likely to be caught mounting the handyman on Big Brother 9 than having any of the Republican fucksticks (McCain, Romney, Huckabee) getting elected our next president. So party on you earth haters. Your time is almost up.

Jessica Alba, Baron Davis, and Cash Warren recently had a meal at Mamacita:

A really famous black athlete can have dinner with a hot white couple, which works. But the adverse is not true. Peyton Manning could not go out for sushi with Rihanna and her boyfriend. "Man, that umbrella-ella song, that just tickled me pink."

According to reports, Eminem was rushed to a
Detroit hospital over the holidays due to severe pneumonia and a serious heart condition. (he reportedly weighed more than 200 pounds):
It’s day 6 of my no-meat exploration. Sure, lunch gets a little more creative but my insides sure do feel better. The problem is I’ve actually gained weight. Hey Em, try reading Skinny Bitch. Meat is murder! Dairy is rape! Fat is fun!

Now, for all of you at home. What are your thoughts on this!


Anonymous said...

WWWD - what would Willow do?

Anonymous said...

One potato, two potato, three potato what the fuck?

Anonymous said...

I think Clemens and Bonds should fight to the death. Whoever wins is cleared of all charges and can never be brought up on Steroids charges again.