Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mid-Week Apples and Moustaches

We’re only days away from the Super Bowl! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I will watch, read and digest every ounce of information I can find. For all you haters bitching because it’s New York vs. Boston. Or saying you don’t want Eli to have a Super Bowl ring or the Patriots to make history…snap out of it. This is the last bit of football we get until the combine in April.

Pitchers and catchers report in 15 days. (I got a semi just typing that sentence.)

The more I go to small boutique coffee houses the more I realize that Starbucks coffee is just plain shit. There’s no two ways around it. It’s not to say all small coffee places have supreme coffee but as a whole they are 10 times better than Starbucks. It’s like going to McDonalds versus a burger joint. The problem? When you need a caffeine fix and the only nearby place is a Starbucks you’re fucked. I’d rather let Sam Lufti handle my personal affairs than drink a Soy Latte from Starbucks.

Side note: Jericho’s response to my soy latte at Starbucks - “I'd rather shave my legs with cottage cheese than order a soy latte.” and "I'd rather take tae bo with a tampon in then order a soy latte." Sweet.

The first single was leaked online today for the new band She & Him.
Download it here: "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?"- She & Him

Oooo SNAP! Check out this crazy plug-in for your iTunes. It syncs with your music library and tells you when artists are performing in your area.
(Thanks Kendall)

Whew, Miss L is back up and running over at The Champagne Bubble after her site mysteriously disappeared for a few weeks. Nobody said she was a tech genius.


So much has already been said about this but I’m going to add my two cents. I hate that the Warriors picked up Chris Webber. For a group that thrives on their supreme teamwork and “mojo” to add a cancer to their locker room could be devastating. Look at the Patriots and Randy Moss. Yes, I just contradicted myself there. But that’s the exception and not the norm. For every Randy Moss and the Patriots there’s an A.J. Perzynski and the Giants. Fuck that guy.

I love the word ‘gait’. I don’t use that word enough. Like, damn, that chick has a hitch in her gait.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the snaps. One of your readers dropped by to tell me I suck. My first hater! I was so proud.

Don't tell by boss, I'm not a tech genius. We design web sites for Christ sake. He also drinks soy lattes. True Story.

And lastly, fuck Chris Webber. Word. So not down with that clown.