Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just Perving

I saw something on Facebook today that made me do a double take. An old high school chick I just got reacquainted with is now married. That’s not the weird part. Stay with me here. She was always kinda cute, in that kinda cute Asian surfer chick kinda was. Like if Tila Tequilla and Mila Kunis from ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ had an ugly sister. Not like a hard-to-look-at sister. But a not-as-cute sister. So anyways, I’m doing what I do when I become your friend on Facebook. I go perving. Yes. I go perving for pictures of you in a bikini. And if you’re a dude I go perving for pictures of your girlfriend in a bikini. Don’t judge.

And this is where the weird part happens. Her husband is infinitely better looking than she is. He’s like slack-jawed Chace Crawford good looking. He’s good looking to the point where I stopped looking for bikini pictures and instead tried to find a good side by side shot of the two of them just to prove my point. It’s just so rare.

Think about it. How many couples do you know where the guy is better looking than the girl? It never happens. I can’t think of one. My wife is exponentially better looking than I am. Same with Jericho and his slam piece. And if for some reason it’s a good looking dude chances are his wife is over the top good looking.

I dare you to think of an example. Here, I'll start you out...Matt Damon and his buck-toothed wife.


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Your Dad and Mom.