Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Chickens vs. Macchiatos: A Friendly Wager

A candid conversation between Jericho and Magglio...

Jericho: Let’s talk Fantasy Football running backs

Magglio: Ok, what’s on your mind?

Jericho: I like Shaun Alexander and fast Willie Parker

Jericho: I don't want Larry Johnson

Jericho: Steven Jackson, Brian Westbrook and Frank Gore make me nervous

Jericho: So does Joseph Addai

Magglio: I don’t like Alexander

Magglio: at all

Jericho: you can get him at 4, 5 or 6

Jericho: and that's a great pick

Jericho: member how hard he ran against CHI?

Magglio: I guess. He's kinda a pussy. And now he's filthy rich. What does he have to prove? He's not a team player. I dont think he wants it bad enough at all.

Jericho: Ladanian Tomlinson broke his record while Alexander sat and watched, you don't think that motivates him?

Jericho: Who cares about team players, this is fantasy buddy

Jericho: Alexander’s injury was freaky last year

Jericho: He's never had injuries to legs or shoulders

Magglio: Alexander doesn’t care about records, wins, team

Magglio: at all

Magglio: I see ZERO desire in Alexander’s eyes

Magglio: He's just a really talented football player who now makes a TON of money.

Jericho: He was making that same money when he played against CHI last year

Jericho: You’re telling me he didn't want it then?

Jericho: 1600 yards and 18 TDs

Jericho: in the books this season

Magglio: I think he goes through the motions

Magglio: I really do

Jericho: Want to bet?

Magglio: You know what Alexander is doing right now?

Jericho: Sit ups.

Magglio: Right.

Magglio: And then looking at his abs in his mirror. And then getting a non-fat caramel macchiato and flirting with the coffee girl.

Magglio: You know what frank gore is doing right now?

Jericho: Resting his hand.

Magglio: He just fisted a chicken until he reached its brain…to heal the hand

Magglio: That my friend, is the difference between a player who wants it and one who is simply going through the motions.

Jericho: I'll bet you $1000 that Alexander has 1500 yards and 15 TDs this year

Magglio: Double it. He may hit 1500, but no way on the 15

Jericho: $2000 on 1500 and 15

Magglio: Done

Jericho: Easy Money

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