Monday, July 16, 2007

Box Office Results: 7/13/07

Movie: Harry Potter 5
Prediction: $85 million (does not include weekday returns, just the weekend)
Actual: $77 million

With numbers this big, I think overestimating by 7 counts as a win. Will be interesting to see how much this drops next weekend; this was first Potter movie to open on a Wednesday which led to the biggest opening 5 day run of the franchise so far. Look for a really steep drop, 55% or so next weekend.

Movie: Transformers
Prediction: $38 million
Actual: $36 million

Yes please.

Movie: Ratatouille
Prediction: $18 million
Actual: $18 million

Oooh that feels good.

Movie: Die Hard 4
Prediction: $9 million
Actual: $10 million

I’m doffing my hat to the crowd like a golfer on 18 right now.

Prediction: $8 million
Actual: $1.5 million

Yikes. I hate horror movies. I hate them for a myriad of reasons, but the main reason today is because they are so difficult to predict at the BO. Underestimating this by $10 wouldn’t have surprised me at all so overestimating by $6.5 isn’t that much of shock either. Oh well.

Movie: Evan Almighty
Prediction: $5 million
Actual: $5 million

Thank you.

Movie: License to Wed
Prediction: $4.5 million
Actual: $7.5 million

Wow, this movie has much better staying power than I thought. I guess being the only romantic comedy out has its perks, although since the consensus of reviews went like this, “would rather be raped by elephant” I thought this would fade a bit quicker.

*Every Friday and Monday Apples and Moustaches predicts and publishes box office returns. Jericho Royall bases all of his predictions on his lifelong fascination with bad movies and stupid people and how the combination of the two directly affects the weekly box office. Apples and Moustaches Box Office Report, (aka AMBOR): Because it’s pretty incredible how much the bottom line is affected by people who can’t spell the bottom line.

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