Monday, July 2, 2007

Box Office Results: 6/29/07

Movie: Ratatouille
Prediction: $72 million
Actual: $47 million
Yikes, I overshot this by $25 million. I was banking on the fact that this was the first real kids movie to open this year and I thought it would post a much bigger number. Pixar movies have slowly been declining in popularity the last few years though, so maybe this isn’t as big as of a surprise as it seems.

Movie: Die Hard 4
Prediction: $39 million (does not include Weds and Thurs money, just the weekend)
Actual: $33 million
Overshot this by about 6, hard to predict the weekend when a movie opens on a Wednesday.

Movie: Evan Almighty
Prediction: $16 million
Actual: $15 million
Got it.

Movie: 1408
Prediction: $10 million
Actual: $10 million

Movie: Fantastic Four 2
Prediction: $ 7 million
Actual: $9 million

Movie: Knocked Up
Prediction: $7 million
Actual: $7 million
Yes please.

Movie: Ocean’s 3
Prediction: N/A
Actual: $7 million
Dropped this from top 7 b/c I thought Sicko would perform much better, which leads me to:

Movie: Sicko
Prediction: $18 million
Actual: $5 million
By far my biggest blunder of the weekend. Fahrenheit 911 opened with $21 and I figured this film would mirror that but drop a few points. All of the people who are listening to Paris talk and believing that she’s reformed will understand this feeling in three months when’s she photographed at Pure with coke stains on her upper lip and half a yak sticking out of her vagina.

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