Thursday, February 21, 2008

More...Apples and Moustaches

If you’re a regular reader, which we’d assume you are, then you read yesterday how we hyped Baron Davis’ 4th quarter heroics. Then, if you are an avid Bay Area sports fan, which again we’d assume you are, you watched the Warriors play Boston last night and witnessed Davis end the game at the buzzer with a leaning jumper. What’s my point? I have none. But last night, when the Warriors got the ball with 6 seconds left, there wasn’t a single person on the court, in the arena or watching on TV that didn’t think Baron Davis was taking that final shot. To watch it executed was pure brilliance. I’m telling ya – the Warriors are the best team in the NBA to watch. Now if they can only pull of a trade in the next hour before the deadline to land a big man. That would be something sweet huh?

Top 5 music albums I’m listening to this week:

  1. Radiohead – In Rainbows
  2. Daft Punk – Alive 2007
  3. Elliot Smith – Either/Or
  4. Band of Horses – Cease to Begin
  5. Hot Chip – Made in the dark

Dude – fuck this rain. Seriously. Enough all ready.

One thing they didn’t tell you about being a grown up: cable TV is fucking expensive. I just paid $160 to Comcast this month. For TV and Internet. You’d think I’d get a complimentary reach around for that amount. Nope, just TV and Internet. I think I’m getting hosed. Sure, I have 800 channels, but I only watch like 9 of them. There should be a way to just pay for the channels you want. Like an a la carte selection of shows. Have you ever seen all the crap they put on there? Nobody watches the Motorcross channel or the Fun with Kittens channel.

Side note: The NFL combine starts today. USC leads the invite list with 12 followed closely by Virginia Tech with 11. Cal has 7. Still trying to find a count for Washington. The NFL Network has full coverage if you want to watch at home. I however do not get the NFL Network. It costs more. No really.

In case you missed it, Jericho is MIA this week. He’s being a big fat pussy. I just got off the phone with him. He’s at the Moscone Center for some big nerd trade show. He’s the leader of the nerds, so they need him there to orchestrate the nerdiness. Hurry on over cause at 1pm Jericho is conducting a panel called “Making the Light Saber a Reality: A plan for anal masturbation.” Nerd.

You know who has a dumb face? Chad Ford. That’s who.

Miss L is a pervert. Sweet.

I can’t tell if this site is cool. I’m leaning towards not really. Actually I just checked it out even more. It’s super creepy. Do not click on the link. I repeat, do not click on the link. This is as creepy as taking a ‘personality test’ on the side of the road and then continuing to get mail in the months to come encouraging you to visit the local Church of Scientology. This is as creepy as the single gay guy who lives below us and has thousands and thousands of framed paintings of children dressed in early 19th century clothing. Well, not that creepy, but you get the point. You’ve been warned.


opposite_prime said...

Goddamn down with m*effing Comcast! Those bastards are at my apartment right now, for the 2nd time this week, and probably the 20th time in a year. The shit keeps going out, and we still have to pay a full month.

Oh, and I found out, for those of you on their evil Internet deals, that they monitor how much bandwidth you use for a couple months, then throttle yours (they choke it down to make it slower, but just enough to make you call to see what's wrong w/ it). Then they effing offer to upgrade your service to exactly what it was before they cut it down for a "special rate." Which is just an industry term for 'butt-rape of the bank account.'

Filthy beasts.

Miss said...

You are not kidding that site is so not cool. I'm going to have nightmares until I'm 30. Thanks for pointing out the pervy-ness. It's amazing how willing i am to throw myself under the bus.