Friday, February 8, 2008

It's just one of those days...

Hard to put a finger on it really. I think Monica said it best. "It's just one of those days/that a girl goes through/It's just one of those days/when I wanna be all alone." Yeah, I just went there.

Get the fuck out:
1. Chris Webber
2. Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson
3. Boston Sports
4. Johnny Bananas
5. Randy Jackson...Can you dig it?

Come on in, the water's great:
1. Christina Aguilera and her gigantic MILF tits
2. Monta Ellis
3. Frances Bean Cobain
4. Brian McNamee saving needles and vials of Clemens' blood...for a rainy day. 
5. Joe Crede

Five predictions for Vegas this weekend:
1. I blow all my money waiting for the 2 to hit in Roulette
2. The strippers are more interested in my wife than with me
3. AFC beats the NFC by at least 10 
2. Stanford covers against Oregon State at home Saturday
2. Jags have 15-1 odds to win it all next season. Interesting.

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