Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sloppy Hoots

We're going to let this picture do the heavy lifting for today. In honor of Lindsay Lohan letting the dogs out we can't really find much else to write/talk about. Lots of different words have been used to describe what she's working with. We keep coming back to 'cans'. Seems appropo. Well, here's to you Lindsay. Thank you for the late Valentine's day present. (Hugh Hefner must be kicking one his blondes right now wondering why he wasn't first to get these.)

Side note: We're figuring the reason she decided to show them now is because likely in 3-5 years she's going to be tucking her Hermans into her waist. Way to seize the moment LiLo. And again, thank you.


Anonymous said...

A conversation:

"You pig!"
She wants me to see 'em and admire them and I must say mission accomplished LL!"
"Shut up"
"You shut up"
"Shut up"

Anonymous said...

All I can think of is two bags of Wonderbread, half filled with water. Those fun bags don't look so fun.