Thursday, November 29, 2007

3 Apples and 2 Moustaches

"They've been targeting him for three years now," Antrell Rolle told The AP.

Without a suspect in the shooting of Sean Taylor don’t you think Rolle’s statements are pretty asinine? I know they were boys but Rolle should definitely be brought in for questioning if he knows so much. And be damned careful with what he says.

Dolph Lundgren’s MySpace page:

But if you misspell it, here is Dolph Lungren’s MySpace page:

We were trying to brainstorm things to write about in today’s post…here is an actual suggestion from Jericho:

“Let’s do an interview with Alex Smith's vagina. You ask me questions and I’ll be his vagina.”

Top Ten headlines you’re likely to see in 2008

  1. Fantasia, Jordin Sparks in torrid lesbian affair
  2. Satan reveals pact with Tony Romo, nobody surprised
  3. Frank Gore played the entire 2007 NFL season with a broken neck
  4. Rosie O’Donnell signed to play third base for the Giants
  5. Boston gets MLS team, title automatically awarded
  6. Jesus sighting turns out to be Jack White
  7. Ricky Williams gets Dolphins mascot high, eats Ted Ginn Jr.
  8. Google/Google edges Clinton/Obama for 2008 presidential ticket
  9. O.J. Simpson admits guilt but plans to fight himself in court
  10. Heidi Montag grows penis out of forehead, Spencer remains by her side

Fuck Yeah – James Franco and Mila Kunis doing Justin Bobby and Audrina on The Hills

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Anonymous said...

nice call on google/google. arent they counting the ballots anyways?