Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving

Well, here we are. On the brink of the Holiday season. In 24 short hours we’ll be inundated with food, family and forced fun. Can you feel the excitement in the air? The correct answer is yes. Today does feel different. A few random observations on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Parking spots!
San Francisco becomes a ghost town on all major holidays (except for Halloween when we flaunt our weirdness.) The streets open up and parking no longer is the first thought on your mind when you go from place to place. It’s a beautiful thing. If you live here you totally get what I’m saying. If you don’t then stop calling it ‘Frisco, pay attention when you get off the cable cars, sidewalks are meant for walking not standing, tip the homeless and learn how to drive damn it!

Wednesday Night Plans
Traditionally, the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is one of the biggest party nights of the year. It’s a different type of party however. This isn’t the stay local, find a bar, and go to dinner sort of gathering. This is the back in town, hang out with high school friends, get drunk and sneak by your parents when you get home even though you’re a grown up now and there’s no reason to hide your drinking problem sort of party. It’s like a mini reunion with old friends. Who got fat? Who’s still stuck in high school glory days? Who’s gonna drive?

Yeah, good luck. Everything you read and hear about travel is not only true but grossly understated. It’s ugly out there. Everyone is moving at the same time. If you’re not traveling today, be thankful. If you are, what are you doing reading this blog? Get on the road damn it!

Final note: Good luck on Friday to Menlo-Atherton. They play Aragon at 7pm at Foothill College in the CCS Playoffs. Rip them to bits, MA.

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