Monday, November 12, 2007

0 for 5...sweet

Just a quick thought on this “almost Thanksgiving break” Monday morning. I’ve always wanted to try this. When I go to place sports bets I should do exactly the opposite of what I’m thinking. Seriously. On Friday I made 5 predictions:

  • Cal beats #17 USC by 10 and puts together their most complete game of the season.
  • Wake Forest upsets # 21 Clemson
  • #16 Hawaii dismantles Fresno St.
  • UCLA shocks #9 ASU, handing them their 2nd consecutive loss
  • Louis Rankin and Washington put the beat down on Oregon State in Corvallis

I was wrong on all 5 of them. Granted some of them were a big stretch (UCLA beating ASU) but others were just plain stupid (Cal beating USC). This is why I don’t bet on sports.

Tonight’s Monday Night Football game is going to be a huge stink fest. I think the Seahawks will win handedly. The 49ers have the worst offense in the NFL. I would bet on the Seahawks and give 10 points. But, let’s try my new theory…I’ll take the Niners and the 10 points tonight.

More to come later today…

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