Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's what

Here’s what’s what on this glorious Wednesday afternoon.

So hot right now:
-Handjobs at sporting events

-Eddie Royal’s coming out party

-Using a Rolodex instead of a blackberry/outlook calendar

-Giving someone bunny ears in a photograph

-The color Grey

-Wearing a pair of glasses to accessorize your outfit. Glasses. Not sunglasses.

- Referring to tits as “sweet candied yams”

-Chinese food

-New term for fucking two girls at same time: I'll prolly parlay those bitches

-Referring to a strong cup of coffee as “pokey”…For example, “this coffee is quite pokey”

- Polka dots and animation…but not together. Just separately.

- Red and Pink for holiday colors

-Chris Cooley’s blog

- Christian Louboutin handbags (and yes, I am a straight male.)

- The little nurse outfit Giselle is wearing right now.

So NOT hot right now:
-Masturbating with your other hand

-Telling people to “stay wit it”

-Mexican Food


-Referring to tits as ‘major yabbos’

-Marques Colston’s thumb

- Sarah Palin

-Beverly Hills 90210 and The Hills

-Not having Big Macs in your freezer...just in case

-The color black

-Any movie with George Clooney and Brad Pitt where they try to see who can look the most smug. Guess what? You both win!


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Anonymous said...

"Christian Louboutin handbags (and yes, I am a straight male.)"

I have my doubts.