Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Magglio (4:59:51 PM): Want to post something?
Magglio (4:59:52 PM): Together?

Jericho (5:17:05 PM): No.

Magglio (5:17:15 PM): Maybe?

Jericho (5:17:50 PM): shhhhh, “Blue Veins” just came on
Jericho (5:19:10 PM): Could our (Jericho and his FiancĂ©e’s) first dance be to “Blue Veins”?
Jericho (5:19:15 PM): How tuff would that be?

Magglio (5:20:18 PM): wow
Magglio (5:20:21 PM): so tuff
Magglio (5:20:30 PM): What about “You're pretty good looking for a girl?”
Magglio (5:21:07 PM): Metallica’s black album is one of the best albums of all time
Magglio (5:21:09 PM): I don’t even like them but that album is so fucking sweet

Jericho (5:21:29 PM): Fuck Metallica. They're the gayest tough guy band ever
Jericho (5:21:57 PM): Lars is such a chocolate chip cuntie

Magglio (5:23:42 PM): But that album is full proof

Jericho (5:24:33 PM): I don't care. Playing hard rock doesn’t mean you can't be a pussy
Jericho (5:24:48 PM): it's a pussy shield

Magglio (5:26:20 PM): This album was early. Before they were super gay. When James Hetfield still had a totally awesome drinking problem. haven’t you seen Behind the Music?

Jericho (5:27:47 PM): uh oh, Jack's got the big guitar
Jericho (5:27:50 PM): “Death Letter”

Magglio (5:28:54 PM): You know what other album is incredible? The Decembrists. The Crane Wife. The one you burned for me.

Jericho (5:29:03 PM): yes
Jericho (5:29:08 PM): that doesn't get old

Magglio (5:29:34 PM): Makes me want to drink ale and pork my mid-wife

Jericho (5:29:54 PM): That should be on the album
Jericho (5:30:06 PM): It sounds like an unreleased Decembrists track

Magglio: Do you like Arctic Monkeys?

Jericho (5:30:49 PM): I loved their first album, but the more I listen, every song sounds exactly the same
Jericho (5:31:01 PM): You know who I fucking love though?
Jericho (5:31:05 PM): Interpol.
Jericho (5:31:08 PM): they fucking kill

Magglio (5:31:39 PM): Who would you rather? The lead singer of AFI or Sigourney Weaver?

Jericho (5:32:11 PM): let me look up AFI
Jericho (5:32:15 PM): not sure who that is

Magglio (5:32:20 PM): Davey Havoc
Magglio (5:32:24 PM): Wears eyeliner
Magglio (5:32:29 PM): Very androgynous

Jericho (5:32:29 PM): shit

Magglio (5:32:31 PM): Bay Area band

Jericho (5:32:49 PM): Sigourney “Gorillas in the mist? or Sigourney “Aliens 4?”

Magglio (5:33:34 PM): Sigourney in that Beavis and Butthead video
Magglio (5:33:37 PM): 'I've got flowers....'
Magglio (5:33:40 PM): oh wait that’s Cher

Jericho (5:33:58 PM): Sigourney’s a big woman
Jericho (5:34:01 PM): she's like 6'1
Jericho (5:34:12 PM): Weird name though
Jericho (5:34:20 PM): Sigourney
Jericho (5:34:24 PM): Use your elbow Sigourney
Jericho (5:34:27 PM): sounds so weird
Jericho (5:34:31 PM): I guess I go Davey
Jericho (5:41:26 PM): Would you rather be called "two-inch petey" or "the dumbest man in the world, way dumber than a pile of penguin shit"

Magglio (5:42:03 PM): So every time you're introduced it’s one or the other?

Jericho (5:42:08 PM): yes
Jericho (5:42:15 PM): every time
Jericho (5:42:18 PM): every situation
Jericho (5:42:32 PM): “hi, this is two-inch petey”
Jericho (5:42:48 PM): or, "Mr. Sullivan, may I introduce, "the dumbest man in the world, way dumber than a pile of penguin shit"

Magglio (5:43:24 PM): I think I take two-inch petey.

Jericho (5:43:49 PM): I guess that's easier to explain
Jericho (5:43:59 PM): When I was little is used to talk really close...or something. You can't explain yourself out of penguin shit

Magglio (5:45:33 PM): No. No it’s all right there.

Jericho (5:47:43 PM): would you rather only have black beans for every meal for six months
Jericho (5:48:34 PM): or, you can eat whatever you want, no restrictions, but you have to have an enormous portion, and whatever you don't eat gets shoved up your butt by a Swedish boxer brief model named Hans

Magglio (5:50:56 PM): dude that’s a win-win
Magglio (5:51:09 PM): I’d intentionally leave some raviolis behind
Magglio (5:51:11 PM): know what I’m saying?

Jericho (5:52:00 PM): Good point.


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You guys should do posts like this more often. Freaking hilarious.