Sunday, January 25, 2009

The cream of the crop

We saw an incredible performance by LeBron James on Friday night against the Warriors. He’s a beast on the court. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to see him play. Then I got to thinking; this season I’ve seen arguably the 3 top athletes in the 3 major live. Larry Fitzgerald, Alex Rodriguez and LeBron James. That’s a helluva lineup. And that’s not even an all-time list. I’ve seen those 3 play in the past 12 months. Can anyone out there top me?

Who is the best player you’ve seen play live in each of the 3 major sports over the past 12 months?


Anonymous said...

Tim Lincecum! I'm disappointed in you for not giving a shout out to my little Timmy.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Good call. That stings a bit. Lincecum is easily better than Jeter/A-Rod. I guess I was thinking non-bay area players.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar situation in 1992, although it wasn't sports, but music.

In a twelve month period, I saw The Spin Doctors, Rush, and The Black Crows.

At The Black Crows concert, people were smoking pot, and I was too. The music from the guitar was loud, and it sounded like the guitarist was playing as hard and fast as he could.

It was an outdoor event, which made it even better. I would give the entire experience a 4 out of 10. Awesome.

Now what Gay Rod?

tahoesanta said...

Over the course of 9 hours I got drunk, smoked a bag of weed, smoked 2 cigars, and ran Bay to Breakers under 1 hour.

All in that order.

That does not make me one of the greatest athletes of all time...however, it should go down as a top sports performance. Right behind Jordan's flu game, and Ali in Manila.

styrofoam jones said...

for 12 months i've got nothing. I did see jordan play against portland trailblazers and i believe arvydis sabonis was on the blazers at that time, he's the satchel paige of basketball. and i saw bo jackson crush 2 homers in the mighty kingdome.