Monday, March 9, 2009

Risky Business

As you can surely tell by now, Magglio is the CEO, COO, EVP, SVP and VP of Apples & Moustaches and I’m the director of suck my fucking dick. Magglio raises the blog, cooks for it, bathes it, coaches its baseball and soccer teams – I buy it beer and show it porn. Magglio makes sure the blog is a finely tuned, well-oiled machine; I make sure the blog has the confidence and bravado to do other blogs in the butt. Magglio is “Finding Nemo” and I’m “Finding Nemo with a Face Full of Fish Pussy.”

Now, you might read that last paragraph and think it’s just a subtle way of calling Magglio a swollen labia in public – but that’s only part of it. Magglio is in Argentina for the next few weeks and everyone – myself included – is asking the same question: what the hell is going to happen to A&M when Mama is gone? Will there be new posts everyday? Will all of you who stumbled on our site because you can’t spell Mesnick and Magglio is smart enough to know you are dumb enough to Google Meznick, leave when you don’t see Magglio's usual fare of the Bachelor, the Giants and Patch’s outfits? What is Jericho capable of without being constantly censored by Mama Mags?

I have no idea either. I’ll tell you one thing though. It’s going to get ugly.

My parents are gone, want to come over and nail Rebecca De Mornay on my couch?

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Release the beast!