Friday, March 27, 2009

Dental, Vision, Life!

Six quick updates heading into the weekend:

1. I got the sniffles. I think it’s a combination of travel, no sleep and getting back into work. But I also have a lot of plans starting tonight. The question is, will the whisky completely wipe out my general feeling of shittiness or will it compound the problem?

2. Jericho and I watched the games together last night.We couldn’t stop laughing after realizing that it was Greg Paulus’ last game ever and he’d soon be selling life insurance or real estate or some shit like that. All night we were yelling ‘Paulus Insurance, how can I help you?” Guess you had to be there.

3. A month ago we saw Portugal. The Man perform at Café Du Nord. Two words; fuck yeah. This band is legit. I just bought their new(ish) album too. It turns me on. Like sundresses. Please, check them out.

4. Villanova is scary. They royally fucked Duke last night. Imagine if Nova would’ve actually hit some shots last night. It would have been a 40 point blowout.

5. Dear Kendall – I think you forgot what you’re supposed to do with me. I belong in your tummy, not on the sticky floor of the bar. Love - the 3am shot of Jameson. (Happy Bday Kendall)

6. KK’s fearless predictions for tonight’s games:
  • Syracuse 73 Oklahoma 68
  • UNC - 84 Gonzaga -78
  • Kansas - 63 Mich St. - 61
  • Louisville - 65 Zona - 62


1 comment:

Walk On Boy said...

Appreciate the tip on Portugal. The Man

And what the hell is your buddy doing shooting Jameson? Put that shit on the rocks and sip it. Burgundy style.