Monday, March 16, 2009

How The Fuck Does The Winner of the SEC Tourney Get a #13 Seed?

Damn it to hell. Yes, it doesn't really matter who you play in the first round. Yes, the Dawgs play in Portland which is essentially our backyard. Yes, I need to stop being such a cry baby and just start getting fired up. But Miss St in the first round, followed by Purdue (a fucking really good #5) in the 2nd? That's dog shit. Or dawg shit to be more precise. Shit.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. The Dawgs got screwed almost as hard as Cal who has to play Maryland (who just beat NC and Wake Forest) and then Memphis (a team that should have been given a 1 seed. Bear shit! No...Golden Bear shit!

Anonymous said...

Don't hate on the SEC! That's right sir, the real DAWGS are seeded 13th! Stop your bitching and give me a post with a little depth. THAT IS ALL.