Monday, March 23, 2009

A Few March Madness Thoughts

* A weird year for the Pac 10 got weirder this weekend – we’ve got one team in the Sweet 16 and it’s a team that finished with a losing conference record.

*I think we can go ahead and put this one in stone: no one enjoys a fast break layup more than a two-hundred-pound black woman. No one.

*Doesn’t USC’s coach, Tim Floyd (pic above), strike you as someone who has a water heater for sale? Not really sure why, I just think you could trawl craigslist and find a few water heaters with Floyd’s name attached to them.

*Here’s my question, if you’re picking a name for your son and the leading contenders are J’nathan, J’mison and JaJaun, what comes in second? I mean, when your narrow it down to J’mison and X, what the fuck is X? Is it crazier, like J’ereMe, or completely normal, like Sean? Why hasn’t Newsweek or 60 Minutes picked up on this yet?

*Doesn’t it feel like UConn has the same exact team every single year? Big, lanky center from Nambia or someplace. Short, squat PG who can hit threes. Athletic 3 who everyone knows will suck in the pros. Kind of comforting that some things never change.

*Wake Forest? Really? At least buy my bracket dinner first before you yazz all over it.

*Let’s put it this way, if you’re a skinny, hideously ugly, 6-9 white guy who can shoot threes and you aren’t recruited by Duke, you need to reevaluate your life. This is kind of like being a C list actor in Hollywood and not having a drink with Paris Hilton. Which raises a different question; is Paris Hilton the Duke of D-bag actors, or is Duke the Paris Hilton of ass-ugly white guys with 25 foot range?



CMW said...

My sister is going to bust nuts over this post, as did I. In the future: less bitching about the SEC (still the best conference EVER), more 90210 references. I loved that episode almost as much as the one where Emily Valentine tries to set fire to the class float—or “Donna Martin graduates!” Fuck it! They’re all classics. Welcome back, Maglio!

p.s. I totally fell for the fake post, so well played, Jericho.

tahoesanta said...

Watch for me on TV Friday. I'm headed to Memphis for the South Region semis and final.


The Fat White Guy said...

is there I tell you that the Big East is dominant.

Happy Lubing