Friday, December 14, 2007

Links: Chicks, Clemens and Batman!

Trailer of the new Batman movie Dark Knight!
Click it...come on, click it
Brilliant. Fucking brilliant. My score was 22. Little fuckers….
(thanks KK)

Eminem’s mom has a book out.
Who’s actually going to buy this? Some diehard fans maybe and the kind of people who visit Crack Whore Confessions (as seen on TV.)

Rolling Stone’s coverage of Led Zepplin’s performance earlier this week:
Rumors are swirling they’ll headline Coachella in May. My bags are already packed.

How bad are the Niners?
My friend has an extra ticket to the game tomorrow and NOBODY wants it. What? It’s Shaun Hill’s first NFL start…history will be made. Most likely in his pants mid-way through the 1stquarter.

"He is really, really concerned and upset that he has been named in this report," – Roger Clemen’s lawyer. Are you kidding me? You fat fuck. You fucking cheater. My two cents on the Mitchell Report? It exonerates Barry Bonds without question. Everyone was doing it. He had no choice but to play along and he still demolished the HR record…that’s what we call a FACIAL!

Wait. Is Emma Roberts hot?
Is she too young to be having this conversation yet? Can we get a price check please?

Mischa Barton in Maxim:

The Girls Next Door in OK!
I like the lesbian looking one. Always have.


Anonymous said...

I only beat up 17 5 year old kids. Sons of bitches.

Clemens is the most selfish athlete in sports. I hope they leave him out of the HOF and sports writers finally have the cahones to talk shit on him.

Emma Roberts is a little young but I see the potential.

Anonymous said...

I can only take 15 5 year olds in a fight. Not very tough.