Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Let’s talk warm fuzzies not cold pricklies

My original idea for this post was to ponder the sad state of Bay Area sports. There was a sidebar in The Chronicle today about the success of Boston area sports teams right now; The Red Sox are World Series bound, the Patriots are steamrolling the NFL, Boston College is number 2 in the BCS, the Celtics just landed Kevin Garnett and the Bruins….well, I skip the hockey parts. So you can imagine how this post was going to be, whoa is me, whoa is us, blah blah blah the Bay Area is in a sad state of sports affairs.

But no, not today. Today let’s talk warm fuzzies not cold pricklies. Let’s talk Frank Gore, Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain. Let’s enjoy a blue bottle latte and get excited about Marco Belinelli, Matt Barnes and Jack Cust. Let’s replace our light bulbs with CFLs and celebrate Jamarcus Russell, Angel Miguel Villalona and Logan Couture (damn that was painful.) Let’s re-elect Newsome and watch Javhid Best with our jaws on the floor.

There’s a lot to be excited about for Bay Area sports. Sure we’re never mentioned in national discussions anymore, but we’re on the cusp of something big. The A’s are moving, the Niners might be moving and Stanford moves me to lose my lunch. (If that’s not the most Scott Ostler like line I’ve ever written then I don’t know what is.) Big things are happening here.

Mark my words, one of these days, we’ll be dancing in the street celebrating a world title. We’ll hoist our leather clad neighbors and emaciated hipster compadres on our shoulders and cheer as one. It starts here, it starts now. Today we bond together as The Bay Area. No more hating the Raiders or Niners. No more hating Cal or Stanford. Today we unite and cheer together. We root for each other and bond together to dominate the sports world.

So let’s go Oakland, pull it together. Grow a pair and start throwing the ball deep. Get back on track Niners, quit your griping, tighten your chin straps and play like it’s your full time job. Cal, shake it off. I know it stings, but you’ve still got a top notch offense and a whole lot of season left to play. And Stanford…well, um, cool mascot.


Unknown said...

Matt Cain is a freikin' stud! He is something to be proud of for sure. The San Francisco Giants have something special with Cain and Lincecum.

Anonymous said...

I like your attitude and I too don't know anything or care about hockey. Is it a sport? (Is cheerleading a sport?)Its easy and typical for commentaries to criticize. I like your approach. Is there a Bay Area inferiority complex because the A's and the Niners and once in a while the Raiders are the only teams to really have succeded on the national stage? It takes a lot to have the eastern press respect Bay Area teams.