Friday, August 1, 2008

It's August 1st!

It’s hard to break away to post some days. But you know what? We’re dedicated to making that happen. Dedicated to getting our words down on paper. Dedicated to sharing our viewpoint on life with our tens and tens of readers. Jericho can’t join us this afternoon; he’s on his way to Seattle. You see, Jericho is about to get married. So he’s got a mess of showers, parties, festivities to take care of. (Just wait KK you’ll see how it goes.) But don’t worry, I’m here. And here’s what’s on my mind today:

***Elliott Smith is pure genius. Take any one of his albums and I promise it’s complete all the way thorough. Anytime I go to a concert, right before the main act takes the stage, I have this weird habit of imagining who I wish was taking the stage. Often times it’s the White Stripes. Sometimes it’s Sublime (if I’ve had a bunch of drinks). Sometimes it’s TV on the Radio (if I’ve had a few rips.) But lately it’s been Elliott Smith. I’m not trying to sensationalize his death or make him into a martyr. But I’m sure he’d be sensational live.* I’m seeing Bright Eyes tomorrow night at Bottom of the Hill. Actually, he’s playing as Conor Oberst. Whatever.

***Nothing better than a new bar of soap. Am I wrong? And at the same time nothing worse then getting into the shower with just a sliver of soap. You know who notices this? Guys do. Girls don’t. They use those poofy things and body wash. You have to write body wash in italics. That’s just the rules. And if you’re reading this out loud say body wash like you’re wearing nothing but a robe and swirling some good port. Go on, try it.

***We’ve been getting some traffic from this site - 23 thoughts . Not sure who this dude is or how he found out about us. I read some of his stuff. He’s a Yankees fan which is a plus. Not a lot of F words. Not a lot of pictures of chicks. But a whole lot of sports. This blog is officially on our watch list for the next few days before we’re ready for the full endorsement. Let us know what you think.

***I got hit on last night by a dude. This is rare for me. I never get hit on by dudes. Jericho on the other hand? He’s a dude magnet. It must be the gay little outfits he puts together. But me? Never. So it was strange. It was on the bus. I thought it was just casual conversation. Till the guy followed me to the end of the bus and wanted to know where I lived. That’s when I was saved by the exit. Thankfully. Totally weird. And he was pretty fat. So it wasn’t even flattering.

***Lincecum is on the hill tonight. He’s one of the top 4 best pitchers in baseball. Hamels, Webb, Volquez and Lincecum. Not in that order of course. I’d love to see him lock down a Cy Young…wouldn’t we all?

*Special thanks to That Guy they call RY for burning every single Elliot Smith album for me way back when.

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