Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Question of the Day

The recent release of Ced Benson and Ced Benson’s dumb face, got me thinking about something: are the Bears the worst drafting team of all time?

In the last 15 years the Bears have whiffed on 9 of their first round picks – and we all know that the Bears don’t just whiff, they piss their pants in public whiff.

Look at this list of massive, massive busts:

1994: John Thierry
1995: Rashan Salaam
1998: Curtis Enis
1999: Cade McNown
2001: David Terrell
2002: Marc Columbo
2003: Michael Haynes & Rex Grossman (peeing and shitting themselves)
2005: Ced The Un-Entertainer

Holy shit, right? Now, there are a few bright spots, Urlacher and Tommie Harris are top 3 at their positions, but including those two on a list that has Salaam, Enis, Terrell and Ced is kind of like buying the Mona Lisa and then drawing a cartoon bubble out of her mouth that says, “I suck gigantic elephant dicks!”

Can anyone top me here? Has a team drafted worse than the Bears in the last 15 years?

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Anonymous said...

Ok - what about Detroit? Here's a sweet span they went on to start the new millenium.

2006 – Ernie Sims
2005 – Mike Williams
2003 – Charles Rodgers
2002 – Joey Harrington
2001 – Jeff Backus
2000 – Stockar McDougle