Monday, December 29, 2008

Is this week over yet?

If you’re reading this, then that means you’re most likely at work this week. Which sucks. Ideally it’s a half-cocked week where half the office is out and the half that’s in the office is more into discussing the bowl games and the upcoming NFL playoffs than actually doing work. Regardless, I feel for you. It’s no fun to be at work during weeks like this when you could technically not be in the office and NOBODY would notice. Whatever. If you’re reading this on some South Amercian beach where topless Brazillian chicks are running around playing futbol then more power to you. But if you're on your honeymoon on said topless beach then only steal glances secretly.

My thoughts on things and what not:

*There are 2 types of people in the universe. People who like Will Farrell and people who do not. I am someone who likes him. I think he’s funny. I fully accept that when I go to see one of his movies it will be absolutely stupid (besides Stranger Than Fiction, brilliant movie by the way), he’ll potentially do a character I’ve seen before and there will be moments of absolutely hilarity. But in the end I accept all of this and love him and will see any and all of his movies. For those of you in the other group. Those of you who say ‘he’s not funny’ or ‘I’ve seen Step Brothers 3 years ago when it was called Talledega Nights’. Blow me. Yes, that’s right, blow me.

*If Tom Brady never plays another down of football will he go into the Pro Football Hall of Fame? This guy was a lock. A no doubt, hands down lock to go to Canton. And now? With another knee surgery lingering and the possibility of missing another season becoming more and more realistic, where does he stand? He may never play again. Sure, he has 3 rings and 2 Super Bowl MVPs. But the stats just won’t be complete. Look at Terrell Davis. He dominated football for 7 seasons, has 2 Super Bowl Rings, a Super Bowl MVP and is the all-time leading rusher in Broncos history. But no Hall of Fame due to injury. I’m told Gale Sayers is in the HOF despite his career being cut short by injury. Can one of our older readers please let us know if Brady and/or Terrell Davis should be in the HOF based on the Gale Sayers argument? Thank you.

*I love the Giants signing of Randy Johnson. Love it. I don’t care if he’s 45 and coming off of his second major back surgery. If we can get 12-15 quality starts out of him then it’s worth it. He’s a force on the mound and you tell me what team wouldn’t want him as their number 4. My prediction; once one of our young arms prove themselves (Bumgarner, Alderson) we’ll make a move for a bat. But the team as it currently stands is rock solid. We’ve improved our pitching staff (Affeldt) and just signed a guy named Jesus. Seriously. His name is Jesus. Mark my words, the Giants will contend this year.

*Current Super Bowl odds; (The odds are read in increments of $100 meaning if you put down $100 on the Cardinals to win the Super Bowl then you get $5000 in return.)

Arizona Cardinals +5000
Atlanta Falcons +2000
Baltimore Ravens +1200
Carolina Panthers +500
Indianapolis Colts +1000
Miami Dolphins +2500
Minnesota Vikings +2500
New York Giants +250
Philadelphia Eagles +1000
Pittsburgh Steelers +450
San Diego Chargers +1000
Tennessee Titans +600

Thoughts? The Colts and Ravens sure look tempting.


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