Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I could smack that bitch

This is the actual note Jericho sent to his landlord today. The note is in regards to the constant and inaccurate overdue rent notices he receives.


We received an overdue notice this morning that claims that we owe $X for rent and another $X for parking.

I'm assuming that these are the same computer-generated notices that we've been assured do not reflect our current standing and have been advised to ignore. Can you please confirm that this is the case in this instance?

The $X number was slightly disconcerting because I didn't see where that number would come from. If for some reason our last two rent checks and parking payments were not logged accurately, the total would be $X. Can you please explain that discrepancy? I'm assuming this is another computer error, but just wanted to make sure that the trained monkey who does the accounting wasn't revolting in the hopes of getting an extra banana.

Eminently patient as always,


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