Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vote For Pablo

We don’t ask much from you, the reader. An occasional topless photo, perhaps some feedback on a post or some help washing our under carriage. But today what we’re asking of you is hugely important. Today is the last day for voting the final player into the all-star game and Pablo Sandoval needs your help. He deserves it. He’s 22 years old, he weighs about 280lbs, has lightening quick speed, swings at everything and he’s the heart and soul of our team. Plus his nickname is Kung-Fu Panda. If that doesn’t convince you then check out his stats so far this season; .328 avg, 13 HRs, 48 RBIs.

Come on, click the big button below and Vote For Pablo. He’d vote for you.


Emily said...

Baby Panda! Totally voting.

NonSeq said...


"How close is the NL voting? This paragraph initially had Victorino leading after the stunning previous 24 hours of campaigning by him and on his behalf, and then while the story was being completed, Sandoval had another surge and moved barely into the lead. It marked the fifth NL lead change already after three days of the four-day Final Vote.

Surging immediately behind Victorino is D-backs third baseman Mark Reynolds, and many people are waiting to see what kind of impact it might have that Arizona Sen. John McCain just endorsed him..."

Nothing against senior citizens, but fuck John McCain-- vote at least 10 times for the Panda Man.

Unknown said...


Ryan said...


In the National League, Victorino, who has already accumulated 10.8 million votes to surpass Evan Longoria's record-setting nine million in 2008, holds a slight edge over his top contender, Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval.

Anonymous said...

Bud Seliged and eastcoasted again. Sandoval absolutely should have been named to the team in the first place and not subject to the who can vote the most game of the internet selection. Bullshit.

tahoesanta said...

Frankie G hits a 3 run! Fuck Texas, fuck Ruthless Records, fuck all dem hoes.

-Diggidy Daz.

sandy mangina said...

I'll vote for Pablo when you lazy fuckers post something new!