Monday, June 18, 2007

"You just can't teach that"

Famous words in sports. "You just can't teach that." You hear it everywhere, when a basketball player makes a no look pass or when a wide receiver seems to float in the air over defenders to haul in a catch. Announcers say it when a hockey player annihilates an opponent or when a tennis player fights through pain to outlast an opponent. These things, you cannot teach.

But golf?

I could've sworn I heard the announcers utter this phrase over the weekend while watching the U.S. Open. And it got me there anything in golf that is unteachable? Is there some deep down athletic ability or God given talent that the elite golfers have? No. The answer is no.

The ability to stay out and putt for hours and days on end demonstrates an inner passion and commitment...I guess. But is it unteachable? No. There is nothing in golf that isn't taught by countless repetition. It's just time. If you want to be good at golf, you need time. That's it.

Sorry Tiger.

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