Sunday, June 24, 2007

Box Office Results: 6/22/07

• Evan Almighty: 32
Predicting 50 was pretty bold for a movie with no clear-cut demographic. I really thought the church goers would give this a bit more love like they did with Passion of the Christ a few years back. Maybe if Evan stopped every now and then and flogged himself it would’ve done better.
• 1408: 20
Undershot this a little, but not by much; plot seemed dumb but maybe Cusack and Samuel L. elevated this a bit. Either way, fuck this movie sideways.
• FF 2: 20
Wow! This movie’s audience declined by 65% percent, I knew they’d leave but didn’t know they’d flock that fast.
• 4 Oceans: 11
Got it.
• 5. Knocked Up: 10
Nailed it.
• 6. Pirates: 7
• 7. Surf’s Up: 7
Fuck this movie. Honestly, how bad do you hate Surf’s Up?
• 10. Might Heart: 4
Overshot this by 6 million - I figured the tabloids would drive this to a bigger number. But then again, who wants to see a movie about a pregnant lady who finds out her husband was kidnapped and beheaded? I hope the movie is really, really good and I hope the victims / characters feel a sense of relief and that the movie did their stories justice, but does anyone really want to see this?

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