Thursday, November 6, 2008

Keep your love locked down

Jericho is not at work today. I could rip my eyeballs out with boredom. See, we chat on IM all day long. Now before you go off thinking I’m a total slap dick, I’m not. I get a lot of shit done throughout the day. But every now and then I like to check ESPN and discuss with Jericho. Or get a stupid email and make fun of the person with Jericho. Or get offered Maurice Morris and Julius Jones for the umpteenth time and need to tell Jericho how fucking stupid people in our fantasy football league are. Yup. Pretty standard stuff. Nice way to pass the day that guy is.

We put our dog to sleep today. I'm pretty bummed about it too. No, not Patch…but our family dog, Annie. Annie was almost 14 years old. She smelled awful, she was cranky and walked with a limp straight outta a Ma$e video. But damnit if I didn’t love that dog. My little brother will be the most upset by this. He loved Annie more than anyone else and he was only 7 when we got her. It’s tough to hear that kind of stuff. Family dogs are pretty special animals. I’m gonna miss her when I go home for Thanksgiving.

Obama’s got a tall climb ahead of him, this much I know for sure. He’s got the momentum and the support but I don’t wish this type of task upon anyone. People believe in him and want to see our country turned around. I just wonder how much of a leash they’ll give him. Is this Mike Holmgren in Seattle leniency? Where he can fuck around for years without repercussions? Or is this Marty Schotteinhemier in San Diego where he’ll be lambasted after a 14-2 season?

Top 3 albums I can’t stop listening to:
  • TV on the Radio – Dear Science
  • The Doors – Absolutely Live
  • Kanye West – Love Lockdown (ok, this is just a single, but it’s banging)

Ugly chicks shouldn’t wear Tory Burch flats. Not sure why, but this makes sense in my head. I was walking down the street and saw a pair of Tory Burch black flats and looked up and saw this broke ass chick. She was kicked liked the WWE’s China. The whole thing just made me uncomfortable. If you’re gonna wear those Tory Burch flats, and you’re not cute, then at least have some style when you’re hoof stomping around. '

Dear Tahoe Santa – The level of excitement I have to see you this weekend is immeasurable. If it was measurable it would be the equivalent of when Yao returned home to China after his rookie season in the NBA and there were all those crazy Chinese people tearing at his clothes and crying and hoping to just get to touch him any part of him. I just want to touch you Tahoe. Any part of you. Is that weird?

Kendra, the smoking hot chick from Girls Next Door is engaged to Hank Baskett of the Philadelphia Eagles. Kendra obviously doesn’t play fantasy football or she woulda dropped him about 6 weeks ago. Try Bernard Berrian Kendra? Is he single? He’s on fire.



tahoesanta said...

Love you too, buddy.


Mandi said...

Annie likes chez!

sa said...

R.I.P. Poopsie