Monday, June 20, 2011


I haven’t had caffeine in 4 months. Ok, that’s not completely true. I had a triple espresso after a ridiculous 4 hour dinner in Vegas in order to keep the party going. I also nursed a Frappuccino while I listened to an insane job offer from Starbucks to join their Frappuccino team. I thought it seemed apropos. (And no, I didn’t take the job.) But that’s it. Two times in the last four months.

What was I thinking?

The short of it was I’m not sure. Maybe it’s a mid-life writing crisis where I feel like everything I ever wanted to be as a writer has simply passed me by. But then I read Grantland or Wells Tower or this burger blog and it does nothing but inspire me to get back on my horse.

Jericho and I still talk (IM) every single day. All day long. He’s got a kid now. And I am still getting a majority of my life lessons by watching ‘My Super Sweet 16’. And at least once a week I’ll be laughing so hard at something he’s typed that it makes me miss the days of writing this blog. And I tell him. And he agrees. And then the phone rings or an email comes in or some lame meeting reminder pops up and it’s back to ground zero.

I used to be paranoid that people would know I wrote this blog. Now I’m just paranoid that this blog will simply stop existing because we’ve stopped writing. I blame it on the lack caffeine.



IPABI said...


Sandy Magnina said...

Caffeine man? I gave that up when I nearly died on the basketball court. My heart gave out. I found out who my true friends where that day. My best friend was there in the ER with me as they restarted my heart. Fuck. Don't let it own you.

I know this aint the vibe of the site, and fuck yeah to tits.

Much love dude.