Thursday, January 10, 2013

How's it going?

By Magglio

At work, when making casual conversation in hallways, you will receive one of three responses when asking the question ‘how's it going’? 
Let me translate what the responder actually means. 
It’s good” - “I could care less about this place. I’ve been on Facebook and Gchat for about 5 hours straight. Now please get out of my way so I can eat some of Leslie’s pound cake she left in the kitchen before those fatties in IT get their sausage fingers all over it.”
“BUSY!” – “I want you to think I work REALLY hard. Yes, I stay at work until 8pm every single day and totally neglect my family/personal time because I believe it gives the perception that I work REALLY hard and am REALLY important. But in actuality I’m terribly inefficient and not really smart cause if I was I could get my work done much quicker and do a blog post on the side all within an 8 hour day.”
“It’s ok” –“Please ask me what’s wrong. I need some positive male attention in my life. I’ve thrown in the towel on my New Year’s resolutions already. My boyfriend/husband told me I’m getting fat.  And I’ve just housed some Chipotle alone at my desk while reading TMZ and saying things like ‘that’s too skinny’ to nobody in particular.”


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