Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A real peach

By Magglio

There is nothing more unattractive then when a woman bitches about her boyfriend/husband behind his back. Some chick at my office is just lambasting her husband….”he never gets me flowers”…”he’s so unromantic”…”all he can cook is a grill cheese sandwich”.

First of all, I’m sure this chick is a real fucking peach at home. Secondly, you’re the dumbass who married this guy. The more you slam him the more it makes you look like a fool. And lastly, what does it say about your relationship that you’ll just openly rip your partner to a bunch of complete strangers when the guy isn’t even here to defend himself.

I shared this thought with Jericho. His response:

“Great point. I feel the same way about dudes who complain about their wives. Unless it's funny.”



Emily said...

Can this broad explain to me just what in the hell is wrong with grilled cheese? It's delicious. No one denies this!

Do It Right said...

Where is the Oscar preview?